Tranquility Technical Solutions

Please note that our service offerings have recently changed:

  • Managed Website/Application Hosting

    Do you have a company website? What about custom web applications? We can host and manage the installation of those assets to improve your productivity and return on investment.

  • Managed Email Hosting

    Hands off Email server and account management. Get the advantages of your own private Email server without the administration and management headaches

  • Network Configuration and Setup

    Do you have a printer that needs sharing? What about a way to share documents between workers?

  • Remote Server Monitoring and Maintenance

    Do you have a company server? Do you lack an internal IT department?

    Stop relying on emergency callouts and get continuous monitoring today. Save downtime. Save money.

  • Security Audit & Training

    Even the best security setup is only as good as the weakest team member. Do you and your team know what the most common threats are and how to protect your business from them?

    Do you know where your passwords are? Do you have access controls in place? Can a disgruntled former employee cause damage to your systems?